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July 16 - 20 Sandhill Cranes, Owls & Elephants

Sneak Preview of the Kennedy Center Exhibit Saving Our Elephants
Original Artwork by Pacesetters Painting the Tale Artists

Sandhill Cranes, Owls & Elephants is the name of the latest Pacesetters Painting the Tale Artists’ exhibition at ART a la carte from July 16-20, with a reception on Friday, July 19 from 5-8pm. The exhibition will travel to Nashville to be featured at the Kennedy Center under the title Save Our Elephants.

“Save Our Elephants has been the theme for the work we were doing this Spring”, says Merritt Ireland, a professional artist who also teaches art at Pacesetters. “When I told our individuals what was happening to the world population of elephants and how decimated it was we began to focus on elephants. Last fall our theme was the Sandhill Cranes out of a concern that they were wanting to pass laws to hunt them in Tennessee. Pacesetters was invited by the Sandhill Crane Association to exhibit their Cranes at Radnor Lake State Park as part of a fundraiser for their protection in Tennessee. The Owl portion of the artwork came from one of the main characters from this year’s story for "Painting the Tale", which was entitled Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears. Most of the focus of the art program this year has been on endangered species.”

The artwork in this exhibition will move to the Vanderbilt KennedyCenter in Nashville from August 1 through September. “This is the eighth group art exhibit that we have had at the Kennedy Center”, says Merritt. “One artist, Paul Miktarian, just had a solo exhibit there. The Kennedy Center has been a wonderful, supportive venue for our art program”.

Pacesetters, Inc. is a nonprofit agency with five centers providing services to persons with disabilities. Pacesetters’ “Painting the Tale” program is led by visual artists Merritt Ireland and Ramie Nunally, and storyteller Marcia Donovan. “Painting the Tale” began in 2000 with a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Since 2007, the program has been completely supported by Pacesetters, Inc.

The exhibition at ART a la carte, 121 W Broad St, may be viewed from Tuesday, July 16 until Saturday, July 20 from 11am until 6pm each day. Or, join us at the reception on Friday, July 19 from 5-8pm for a first look at the art by Pacesetters Painting the Tale Artists featuring Sandhill Cranes, Owls & Elephants.

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