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Events - Putnam

Displaying props and costumes for the performances are individuals and staff from Pacesetters’ Putnam and White County Day Centers:

1st row:  Putnam staff, Kelly Guenin, White Co. staff, Melissa Nash and Amy Cade

2nd row:   Ricky Kirouac, Tina Stout, Stephanie Murphy, visual Artist Merritt Ireland, Storyteller Marcia Donovan, Mike Haston, Bill Lester, Joey Lawson.

3rd row:  Scott Gipson, Karen Simpson, Lisa Manus, Cathy DeCaussin, Joanna McAtee.

4th row: Greg Thomas.


Putnam and White County Pacesetters actors with storyteller Marcia Donovan will perform the Northwest Coast Native American trickster tale “How Raven Brought Light to the People”.

Visual artist, Merritt Ireland, has orchestrated the creation of the props and costumes with Pacesetters individuals and staff.

FREE Show Times and Locations:




Putnam County Library

(Seating limited, call 528-3636)

Mar.29 thru Apr.1


Bethesda Health Care Center

March 29


Masters Healthcare

March 30


March 31


Morningside of Cookeville

April 1

11 am

Cumberland Art

April 5


Sycamore Elementary

To be announced

Pacesetters Putnam Day

To be announced

This project called Painting the Tale, has presented a multicultural folktale annually since 2001 and is funded by Pacesetters.

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