Pacesetters Fiscal Year 2011-2012 off to a Great Start! Print
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The first quarter of Fiscal Year 2011-2012 was exciting!  We finished our annual DIDD Quality Survey the end of June and found out in July that, once again, we earned a perfect score of 54.  We achieved substantial compliance in all 9 domains reviewed during the survey. The domains include: Individual Planning & Implementation, Safety & Security, Rights, Respect & Dignity, Health, Choice & Decision Making, Relationships & Community Membership, Opportunities for Work, Provider Capabilities & Qualifications, and Administrative Authority & Financial Accountability. This is a huge feat for our organization to achieve this level of excellence 2 years in a row.

We held our 40th Anniversary Celebration on July 28th.  It was very well attended. We had Board Members, staff, families, individuals we serve, community members, founding family members and supporters in attendance. The feedback from the event was extremely positive.   In addition to hearing from Ruth Phipps, one of the founding members of Pacesetters, Jack McCall also gave an entertaining and inspirational keynote address. We started a new tradition of recognition by giving Pacesetters’ “Good to Great” Initiative Awards. We recognized an individual served, a Support Specialist, and a front line Manager for their accomplishments and leadership in demonstrating the essence of Person Centered Thinking. 

Governor Haslam declared September 11-17th as National Direct Support Professionals week in Tennessee in accordance with the National proclamation.  At Pacesetters, we took the opportunity to say thanks to the Support Specialists and all of our staff for their hard work and dedicated service.  Celebrations and recognition occurred in all of the counties as well as acknowledgment of our staff in the local newspapers.

It is always a gratifying time when we recognize the efforts of our employees.   What made this particular National Direct Support Professionals Week even more satisfying is that we received notice from DIDD Commissioner, James Henry, that we are now designated as a 4-Star Agency. This designation is a first in our history. Our DIDD Quality Survey results in addition to our track record for minimal substantiated investigations and no egregious events earned us this achievement.  There are 181 agencies in Tennessee that provide similar services as Pacesetters. Only 13 (including Pacesetters) are designated 4 Star agencies. There is only one other agency bigger than Pacesetters who has this status. It is truly an accomplishment for an agency as large and geographically spread as Pacesetters to be designated a 4 Star organization.

If the first three months of the year are an indication of the rest of the year we have a great deal to look forward to in the coming months.  Thank You for your support!