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News - Putnam

In light of flu season, Rachael Wheaton from Putnam Co. Health Dept. visited our Lower Center for a class on how to prevent the spread of germs and to promote overall healthy habits.  After participants applied a lotion to their hands, Rachael asked everyone to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then, using a black light, participants could see every place they had missed in washing their hands. These activities lead group discussion regarding correct hand washing techniques.

To the delight of the recipients, a humorous video was shown reflecting the proper sneezing and coughing techniques to prevent the spread of illness.

We would like to express our appreciation to Rachael Wheaton and the Putnam County Health Dept. for providing such valuable information to all of us here in Putnam! Please note that every county has a local health dept. with free materials available and willing share information on how to make healthy choices in everyday living.

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