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Pacesetters’ manages the health care needs of each service recipient using a Health Care Coordinator (HSC) and/or Health Care Assistant (HSA) in each county.  It is the responsibility of the HSC/HSA to schedule required appointments, accompany service recipients to those appointments and arrange for any needed follow-up.  Each HSC/HSA communicates directly with physicians and other health care providers to insure that the health care needs for each service recipient are met in a timely manner.  The HSC/HSA also works closely with family members and others that may be involved in the care of each service recipient.  Service recipients are included in decision making and provided information so that they can be an active participant in meeting their health care needs.  For those service recipients with more serious or chronic health care needs, Pacesetters provides RN oversight per state requirements.  The RN works closely with the HSC, HSA, physicians and family to monitor the service recipient’s status and current plan of care.

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